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How Much House Can You Afford?

Learn how much you can afford on a mortgage for a new home. We can help you meet your budget and find the perfect home.
Posted by Gregory Adkins on June 28, 2017 in No Category
HOUSE POOR [adjective | hous – poo·r] A person who can afford his or her home mortgage payments, but can’t afford much of anything else. Discretionary spending on restaurants, furnishings, travel and clothes are severely cut back, due to a large proportion of his or her income going towards the mortgage payments, upkeep costs, and energy/utility bills. You don’t want to find yourself stuck at home while your friends are out having fun. Buying more home than you can affo... read more
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Coldwell Banker Real Estate Gets Vocal – Announcing Our First Amazon Alexa Skill

Coldwell Banker teamed up with Amazon’s Alexa to create its first Alexa skill, an extension of the popular Home of the Week seri
Posted by Gregory Adkins on June 08, 2017 in No Category
We’ve all heard that real estate is local, but Coldwell Banker has put its own spin on the adage, declaring all real estate is Vocal by announcing its first Amazon Alexa Skill, which will be available by the end of June. What’s a Skill? An Amazon Alexa Skill is essentially an app for Amazon’s voice controlled Echo speakers. How does it work? By prompting Amazon’s voice assistant with “Alexa, Ask Coldwell Banker for the Home of the Week,” ... read more
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How to Make Moving a Little Bit Easier

Want help making your next move a little bit easier? Check out these four tips
Posted by Gregory Adkins on June 05, 2017 in No Category
Let’s be honest: moving is almost always unpleasant. Whether you’re moving from one neighborhood to the next or across the country, the process is often time-consuming, stressful and expensive. Plus, if you’re moving somewhere you’ve never been before, the uncertainty can be terrifying. However, moving is a fact of life for most of us. The average person in the U.S. is expected to move 11+ times in his or her life, according to U.S. Census data. Want help making your next mov... read more
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